FBF4000 series homogenizers

High pressure homogenizing works as follows: The product reaches the homogenizing valve at low speed and high pressure. Passing through the valve constriction causes a violent acceleration followed by an immediate deceleration. This process step creates spheres that will implode when they encounter the collision ring. During the treatment, the liquid is also exposed to intense turbulence and high-frequency vibrations. These also have a positive effect on the micronization of the particles in the liquid.

Homogenizers may have a single or double stage homogenizing chamber. Double stage units are used for the treatment of specific fat products to prevent the re-aggregation of the fat globules after the first stage treatment. 

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FBF4000 series homogenizers

In order to permanently mix one or more substances in a liquid, it is necessary to use a homogenizer that allows micronization and dispersion of the suspended particles in the liquid. The homogenization process makes liquids very stable, for the next treatment or storage.

Capacity of 1100-1600 l/h at 100-300Bar

Abrasive liquids, 2 stage or ultra high pressure models available

Pump pistons coated with a special “Diamond Like Carbon” material

Compression block made of 1 block of special type of stainless steel with a 5-year warranty

100% tested set up before delivery (plug-n-play)

FBF4000 series homogenizers





  • 2006/42/EG - Machine richtlijnen
  • 1935/2004 – Contact food guidelines
  • 2023/06 – Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP)
  • 2014/30/EU - Elektromagnetische compatibiliteit richtlijnen





FBF4011, 15, 18 of 22

Engine power

11, 15, 18,5 or 22 kW

Number of pump pistons


Water consumption

+/- 100 l/u


+/- 800 – 850 kg

Dimensions (w x d x h)

+/- 115X140X120 CM

Working pressure

100 till 300 Bar (higher pressures optional)

Capacity (depending on working pressure)

+/- 1.100 till 6.000 l/u


Two stage homogenization valve

Digital pressure transducers

Electrical control: Fixed capacity: An internal electrical board; Variable Capacity: separate stainless steel cabinet for local installation

Aseptic version with “sterility barriers” traced with steam condensate

Pulsation dampers on inlet and/or inlet connections of the product (not available with 3A)

Automatic shut-off of the homogenization pressure if the inlet pressure falls below a safe level (by means of a pressure gauge with alarm contacts placed on the product inlet)

Automatic homogenization pressure regulator


The compression head is made from a single forged block of a specially selected type of stainless steel

The compression head is guaranteed for 5 years against manufacturing defects

The pump pistons are coated with a special “Diamond Like Carbon (DLC)” material

The interchangeable valve groups are available in different compositions of materials to suit the product to be processed

The homogenizer valves are designed with high stability. The moving parts are aligned (head impact) to improve durability and energy efficiency

The hydrodynamic design ensures vibration-free operation of the homogenizers

The homogenizers have a hygienic spring-loaded pressure relief valve, replaceable plug and seat.


The pump body is constructed of high quality cast iron designed to withstand heavy loads and minimize vibration

The crankshaft is machined from one piece, specially selected steel. It is heat treated several times and fully nitrided.

The crankshaft is supported by robust bronze roller bearings on the crankpins

Driveline has a double reduction stage: “V”-belts/pulleys, semi-automatic tensioning system and two worm gears in the pump housing (the slow gear is directly coupled to the crankshaft)

The high pressure lubrication system is cooled, actively filtered, has level monitoring and alarms for irregular oil pressure and oil temperature

Gear motor connection is 3 phase, 4 pole, AC

The frame is made of powder-coated tubular profiles, finished with removable stainless steel panels.


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Microlab 400 ice homogenizer

Capacity of 400 l/h

Working pressure of 120 Bar

Small batch applications

Minilab 2.2 & 2.5 homogenizers

600 bar homogenizer pressure

Testing almost 50 liters p/h

Small batch applications

FBF1000 series homogenizers

Power: 2.2 kW

Working pressure: 100 to 300 Bar

Capacity*: 50 to 300 l/h

FBF2000 Series Homogenizers

Vermogen: 3 & 4 kW

Working pressure: 100 to 300 Bar

Capacity*: 200 to 650 l/h

Sustainable working method

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FBF4000 series homogenizers