Boston shearmill

The Boston Shearmill (BSM) is a uniquely versatile machine for extreme shear/tip speeds and maximum droplet and particle size reduction. Via a single pass through the 9 grinding zones of the BSM, particles are reduced to the point where it positively influences the mouthfeel of a product.

Existing installations include tomato paste improvement and standardization, ketchup and mustard production, salad dressing and mayonnaise, pet food and treats, soups and sauces, flavor emulsions, fruit juices, oat milk, pharmaceutical formulations, polymers and more

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If a process requires the reduction of soft particles to less than 1 micron or hard particles to 1-2 microns, the Boston Shearmill can do it. With a working pressure of up to 50 Bar, the BSM can in some cases even replace a High Pressure Homogenizer without compromising on product quality or stability.

Features of the Boston Shearmill:

A heavy duty, all purpose inline crusher on the market

High intensity wetting, homogenizing and particle reduction

Outperforms inline mixers, conventional shear pumps and colloid mills

Standard shear heads are available in coarse, medium and fine

Special heads available for mixing without damaging or altering solids

Shearmill-modellen beschikbaar van 5 - 55 kW, met capaciteiten van 18-625 l/min.

All Shearmmill models meet 3A (#36-01) standards (certificate)





Tip speed
Engine / Speed
Footprint (mm)
Bsm 25-3

35 m/s

18-56 l/min

15 kW at 10,000 rpm

1,5" in / 1" uit


Bsm 37-3

35 m/s

56-190 l/min

30 kW at 7,300 rpm

2,5" in / 2" uit


BSM 60-1 & 60-3

28,6 m/s

150-625 l/min

55 kW at 3,600 rpm

3" In / 2" Uit



Rotor- en statorsleuven zijn met computergestuurde precisie aangebracht. De dubbeldikte behuizingen voor het lagerframe en de mengbehuizing zijn ontworpen voor een langdurig gebruik. Het "Cartridge" -ontwerp van het lager -frame maakt snelle vervanging mogelijk tijdens onderhoud. Gebouwd om drukken tot 50 Bar te weerstaan.


Rotor and stator

The closed slot design prevents twisting and bending, resulting in maximum durability, longevity and safety. The Rotor-Stators are made from solid cylinders of 316L or 17-4 stainless steel and are dynamically balanced for smooth rotation at high speeds. More than 20 combinations of heads are possible from coarse to ultra-fine openings.


Admix only uses Super Precision ball bearings (ABEC 7). The unique preload of each bearing protects them from peaks and extremes. The operating temperature of the BSM is 38°C or lower. The machine is protected by labyrinth seals. The complete bearing assembly can be installed as one unit.


The BSM has one mechanical seal that can be loaded up to 48 bar and is cooled with water via a unique low pressure system. The system complies with American and European hygiene guidelines and standards.


The shaft is made of an over specified and hardened 17-4 stainless steel. This makes it sturdy enough to carry three cups, and can be perfectly balanced without spout. The shaft has been purposely over-sized to allow for long-term continuous use.

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Maximum fluid displacement

A-brand engine and large frame

3A certified


Low energy consumption per M3

Maximum fluid displacement

3A certified


Low energy consumption per M3

3A certified

A-brand engine and large frame

Sustainable working method

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