The ideal partner for dry matter handling

With over 30 years of experience, CoRa s.r.l. is the ideal partner in the handling of dry substances within the food, chemical and pharmaceutical industries. From components and fittings to SOLID HANDLING installations, all products follow a proven track of careful design, assembly, testing, maintenance and after sales service

certification and traceability

Cora designs and develops valves and accessories to optimize production processes and meet GMP standards for pharmaceutical technology. Cora is also involved in the design, development and implementation of the proposed systems.

Customized certified solutions

Unparalleled reliability and flexibility

Simplicity in maintenance

Wide scope of applications

Documentation, certification and traceability

Cora pillars


The mission of CoRa. s.r.l. is identifying and implementing the best technical solution for each individual customer, ensuring quality and advanced technology.


Our vision is focused on continuous improvement, in terms of effectiveness and efficiency as well as technology, management and especially human resources.


We continuously invest in staff growth to meet customer needs. The culture of quality is rooted in the way we work, aware that everyone's work is an integral part of the process. We pay attention to the needs of everyone who comes into contact with CoRa.: employees, customers, suppliers and partners.


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Powder processing


Air-operated dosing valve

Ergonomic design

3A certified (CIP)

fast feed

Fast powder absorption

Ergonomic design

3A certified (CIP)

Sole Valve

Compact design

Light weight

Easy maintenance

Sure Flate Valve

Ensures product integrity

Consists of 1 valve body

Certificate CE Conformity

Rotary valves

Multiple drive designs

Patented system

FDA Delrin construction

Dosing valves

Easy to disassemble

Very light and compact

Satin finished housing

Pills and granule valves

Very light and compact

Easy to disassemble

Satin finished housing

Other valves

Sole Valve POM C


Rotary pressure valve

Powder process compounds

Revolutionary system


Cleaning in place

Powder handling systems

Simplicity in maintenance

Wide scope of applications

Customized solutions

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Powder processing