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Bedrijven in de farmaceutische en chemische industrie worden voortdurend geconfronteerd met besmettingsrisico's. In deze gebieden is het essentieel dat de operator een geschikte bescherming heeft om besmetting met het product en met de werkomgeving te voorkomen, om deze reden heeft CoRa een high-containment systeem ontworpen en ontwikkeld: TIP SYSTEM.

CoRa offers a number of docking systems for the food and pharmaceutical industry. Each system is customized for its specific application.

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The TIP systems are high-containment solutions that are the result of careful research and development. With the TIP SYSTEM you can increase and simplify the effectiveness and efficiency of a production process.

Easy to disassemble, inspect and clean

Materials: Stainless steel and silicone seals (certificates on request)

Built according to G.M.P . rules

Adaptable for different types of containers

Designed and manufactured to the specific requirements of the end user.

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The CoRa TIP SYSTEM is a revolutionary connection system for achieving a high level of containment. OEL – (Operator Exposure Level) 1μ/m3. The system is fully automatic and ensures a perfect seal between two machines. The system is suitable for C.I.P (cleaning in place).


The CoRa TIP 0 (Zero) Telescopic System is a loading/unloading system specially designed to facilitate the transfer of product between two machines or between a machine and a bin or a bin and a machine. This can be done in a sterile environment or in an uncontrolled environment. The TIP 0 (ZERO) telescopic system can guarantee continuity between the machine and the unloading of the container without the operator coming into direct contact with the product.

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Sole Valve

Compact design

Light weight

Easy maintenance

Sure Flate Valve

Ensures product integrity

Consists of 1 valve body

Certificate CE Conformity

Rotary valves

Multiple drive designs

Patented system

FDA Delrin construction

Dosing valves

Easy to disassemble

Very light and compact

Satin finished housing

Sustainable working method

Reliable products & services

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