Thanks to the versatility of the CoRa product range and the skills of the team of specialists, CoRa. Provide concrete and tailor-made solutions for almost every customer need. Over the past 30 years, CoRa has invested heavily in the research and development of products for pharmaceutical powder processes. The solutions and systems they offer today are the result of this.

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CoRa enjoys a unique and recognized knowledge position, not only within the Italian market, but worldwide

Customized certified solutions

Unparalleled reliability and flexibility

Simplicity in maintenance

Wide scope of applications

Documentation, certification and traceability

CORA In Industries




Simple operation to make valve assembly and disassembly for frequent cleaning quick and efficient

CoRa in the Pharmaceutical Industry

Traceable manufacturing processes, GMP and FDA compliance, production of elastomeric components in the internal cleanroom


Solutions for API development and for multifunction systems, if your goal is containment, we know how to get it!

powder processing

Sole Valve

Compact design

Light weight

Easy maintenance

Sure Flate Valve

Ensures product integrity

Consists of 1 valve body

Certificate CE Conformity

Rotary valves

Multiple drive designs

Patented system

FDA Delrin construction

Dosing valves

Easy to disassemble

Very light and compact

Satin finished housing

Sustainable working method

Reliable products & services

Service from A to Z

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