crucial in any liquid process

Pumps are crucial in the logistics behind any liquid process. However, liquids with a higher viscosity have specific requirements when it comes to moving and pumping. Hygienic Process Systems works together with our sister organization Flowcomm Nederland B.V. when supplying pumps.

Flowcomm has been the distributor for the CSF group (Bardiani valves, CSF pumps, OMAC pumps & MBS heat exchangers) in the Netherlands for almost 20 years. Flowcomm's strength lies not only in the quality of the products, but equally in the higher level of our knowledge and experience within the organization. Knowledge of the product, knowledge of the market, knowledge of possible bottlenecks.

Advantages of our pumps

Pumps bring great benefits to any liquid process. Below we have highlighted a few:

High-pressure suction pumps offer the same price/quality as the homogenizers

Rotary Lobe Pumps are CIP-cleanable

Worm pumps are self-priming

Contact parts of almost all pumps are made of AISI 316L

Centrifugal pumps are EHEDG, 3A and FDA compliant

PUMPS for viscose liquids


OMAC Rotary Lobe Pumps have a modular design that allows quick and easy replacement of key components such as the rotor and seals. The high quality and reliability of the pumps is achieved through the use of compact and rigid mechanical parts, including double tapered roller bearings (2 per shaft in most cases), shafts and oversized gears (which sit immersed in oil in the gearbox). All these features ensure tight tolerances, good performance and excellent reliability.

specification sheet

In-line and CIP cleanable

Direction of rotation of the pump is reversible

Suitable for pumping shear sensitive liquids

Delivers a constant capacity

The BF, C and CF series pumps are EHEDG certified


The CSF Twin-screw “TS” pump combines high performance and hygienic design. All parts that come into contact with the product are made of AISI 316L stainless steel which has a standard surface finish of Ra 0.8 microns. The “TS” pump is EHEDG and 3A certified. One of the main features of this pump is that it can operate at both low and high speeds, making it ideal not only for pumping highly viscous products, but it can also be used for CIP.

specification sheet

Suitable for pumping high and low viscous liquids

Synchronization of shafts optimized by means of helical gears

3 models with capacities from 0 to 15000l/h

Product contact materiaal is AISI 316L met een Ra <0,8 µm afwerking

Designed according to EHEDG guidelines and 3A certified


A screw pump is a positive displacement pump with a single rotating shaft. The stainless steel rotor and a rubber stator are the main elements that effect the pumping action. The rotor is a circular section screw. The rubber stator is vulcanized in a steel tube. Several motor options are available: direct motor, gear motor, motor variator, motor and pulleys, motor and reducer with inverter. Screw pumps can pump almost any type of liquid with a viscosity of up to about 800,000 cP. One of the most appreciated features of this type of pump is the subtle pumping action that is free of pulsations and has a flow rate proportional to the number of revolutions.

specification sheet


Thanks to the special spiral shape of the AISI 316L stainless steel rotor, the CSF “SN” pumps are particularly suitable for pumping delicate or shear sensitive products such as liquids or creams with suspended non-abrasive particles. The “SN” pumps deliver a linear and constant flow without pulsations, which prevents foaming of the product during pumping. Sinusoidal pumps are particularly popular because of the quick and easy maintenance that allows for on-site cleaning.

specification sheet


The air-driven piston pump from CSF effortlessly pumps products with a higher viscosity. With special attention to gingerbread dough, coconut filling, fruit filling, gingerbread and pudding. Even fillings with pieces of up to 2 cm, or with fragile products such as cherries, peanuts, hard pieces of chocolate, pieces of apple, raisins and currants, move smoothly through this.

C.S.F. also offers a wide range of container unloading stations in which the CSF piston pumps are integrated.

specification sheet

specification sheet (drum handling)


Centrifugal pump

In-line cleanable

Pump housing can be rotated 360

Very robust

Lobe pump

In-line cleanable

CIP cleanable

Delivers a constant capacity

Worm pump

Industrial version

Pump directly linked to motor

Very robust

Piston pump

Easy in use

Saves a lot of time and money

Increases hygiene

Flexibele waaierpomp

Pumps without any problem

Pump direction is reversible

Easy to clean

Sinus pump

Excellent suction power

Continuously open inlet

Compact design

Twin screw pomp

Pumps without any problem

Easy in use

Compact design

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