Tassalini RSH-44

The Tassalini RSH-44 rotary nozzles are made of AISI316L stainless steel and are mounted on two bearings. All internal surfaces are manufactured with high precision machines, ensuring high quality polished surfaces. The Tassalini heads are available with various connection options including: BSP, clip or weld.

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Tassalini RSH-44

The fluid flowing through the rotating head produces the rotation. The speed of the rotation depends on the pressure with which the media is supplied. This cleaning pressure must be limited because too high a rotation speed breaks the droplets, reducing the efficiency of the cleaning jet.

Fluid driven rotation with 360o cleaning pattern

Mounted on two bearings

BSP, CLIP or weld connection options

Inlet pressure 1-3 Bar, flow rate 4.2-6.7m3, range 2.2-6.7m

Made of AISI 316L with a Ra < 0.8 µm finish

Tassalini RSH-44



Flow rate*

4,2 - 6,7 m³/h


2,2 - 3,5m


360 degrees, 180 degrees down or 180 degrees up

Inlet pressure

1-3 Bar

Max. pressure

3 Bar

Recommended pressure

3 Bar

Max operating temperature


Max ambient temperature



1-1,1 kg


1/2", 3/4" of 1" BSPf, lasverbinding of pin verbinding





* Due to variations in wear of parts, water temperature, installation, etc., the flow rate may deviate ±10% from the specified value.


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Tassalini RSH-44