crucial in any liquid process

Pumps and valves are crucial in the logistics process of any liquid process. Valves are often seen as an afterthought during the initial design phase of a system. However, liquids with a higher viscosity have specific requirements when it comes to moving and pumping substances. Hygienic Process Systems works together with our sister organization Flowcomm Nederland B.V. when it comes to pumps and valves.

Flowcomm has been the exclusive distributor for the CSF group (Bardiani valves, CSF pumps, OMAC pumps & MBS heat exchangers) in the Netherlands for almost 20 years. 

In addition to Bardiani valves, we also have the piggable valves from HPS and the ball valves from Tassalini in our catalogue.

The advantages of valves

When it comes to hygienic valves, the Connecting Processes Group, with Bardiani, is one of the few suppliers with a wide range of valves with high quality and EHEDG certification. Our valves have several advantages, below we have highlighted a few.

Bardiani valve bodies are made of 1 piece AISI 316L

Bardiani valves are easy to overhaul

Available in sizes DN15 to DN150 with various connection options

Standard finish from 0.8 µm, up to 0.2 µm on request

3A certification and EHEDG on almost all Bardiani models


  1. Bardiani is a producer of stainless steel hygienic valves such as high pressure valves, mix-proof valves, control valves, butterfly valves, stop and diverter valves. Almost all Bardiani valves are EHDGE certified.

Afsluiters portfolio


Tassalini is a producer of various components for the hygienic industry. One of these components are ball valves. Tassalini offers a wide range of high quality ball valves that are attractively priced. A number of Tassalini ball valves are 3A certified.


50 & 51 Series

Reachable during cip process

Standaardproductie: 1"- 4"


81 series

Standaardproductie:1.5" - 3"

Clamp, BSP, ENO, Macon


90 & 91 series

Inline disassembly

Sanitary gasket in model 90

Standaardproductie: 1" - 3"

Bardiani valve

Very robust

Resistant to great forces

Made from one piece of stainless steel

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